Practical Examples with AC500 from ABB with CoDeSys

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Practical examples with AC500 from ABB

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45 Tasks and solutions in CoDeSys


Approx. 150 pages, numerous pictures, format: DIN A4 in colour, 1st edition 2012-01-01

CoDeSys is the PLC programming system according to IEC 61131-3 with which almost all automation tasks can be realized where software is used.

This reference book provides a quick and practical introduction to modern programming of the ABB AC500 PLC with CoDeSys. The technology diagrams with extensive descriptions are printed there in the form of flashcards. The contents are structured according to the principle "from light to heavy" and are very suitable for self-study. The solutions can be found on the enclosed DVD. All exercises are of course also comprehensible with other commercially available PLC controls. All programs were created with CoDeSys version 2.3 and tested with the learning system PLC-Trainer AC500 of the company IKHDS UGausgestet.

- Software Installation
- Edit sample project
- AND / OR / NOT / NAND / NOR / XOR / AND before OR 
- alternate switching 
- cross-connection 
- impulse relay 
- staircase light switch 
- switch-on delay 
- switch-off delay 
- Selection circuit 1 out of 3 
- Selection circuit 2 out of 3 
- Impulse circuit with contactor 
- garage lighting 
- mixing plant 
- gear lubrication 
- Press with 2-hand operation 
- lifting platform 
- Automatic star-delta connection 
- running light 
- Bottle counting 
- windmill 
- Sequential circuit with time-delayed switch-off 
- Parking space monitoring of an underground car park 
- Monitoring of a personnel exit 
- Monitoring of a diesel-powered ship 
- Boiler heating with solar collector (analog value processing) 
- Temperature monitoring of a boiler (analog value processing) 
- Temperature display with indicator lights (analog value processing) 
- Roller door with IR (fast counter) 
- Floodlighting of a sports area with IR (fast counter)


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