PLC-Examples with S7-1200

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PLC-Examples with SIMATIC S7-1200 (TIA Portal)

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ISBN: 978-3-943211-91-7


Content digitally on DVD:
Approx. 168 pages, numerous pictures, 2st Edition 2019-01-03

DIN A4 version in colour

This teachware provides a quick and practical introduction to modern programming the S7-1200 with TIA portal. The technology schemes with extensive description are being printed in the form of learning cards. The content is based on the principle "From easy to demanding" and is very well suited for independent study. The solutions can be found on the accompanying DVD.  Of course all exercises can be used with other commercially available PLCs.
All programs were created with the software Simatic S7 Basic for S7-1200 from Siemens and tested with the training device PLC-Learn 1200 of IKHDS.

 •  Software installation
 •  work with sample project
 •  AND / OR / NOT / NAND / NOR / XOR / AND before OR
 •  alternating circuit
 •  3-way circuit
 •  pulse relay
 •  stairway lighting switch
 •  switch-on delay
 •  switch-off delay
 •  selection circuit 1 of 3
 •  selection circuit 2 of 3
 •  pulse circuit with contactor
 •  garage lighting
 •  mixing plant
 •  gear wheel lubrication
 •  press with 2-hand operation
 •  lifting platform
 •  automatic star-delta circuit
 •  rope light
 •  counting of bottles
 •  wind turbine
 •  sequential circuit with delayed switch-off
 •  parking bay monitoring
 •  monitoring a staff exit
 •  monitoring a ship's diesel engine
 •  boiler heating with solar collector (analog processing)
 •  monitoring temperature in a vessel (analog processing)
 •  temperature indicator with pilot lamps
 •  rolling gate with IR (highspeed counter)
 •  flood-lighting of a sports ground with IR (highspeed counter).

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