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The introduction to LOGO! programming with the possibilities of LOGO!Learn Advanced

The comprehensive starter set with the training device LOGO!Learn Advanced incl. text display LOGO! TD and two plug-on modules ("traffic light" and "motor") offers everything you need for a successful introduction to LOGO! programming. The set is stored in a handy and sturdy aluminium case, clearly arranged and safe for transport.

Unpack and off you go.

1 training device LOGO!Learn Advanced with LOGO! module 12/24V RC (0BA8)
1 Plug-on module LOGO!Learn traffic light
1 Plug-On Module LOGO!Learn Motor
1 text display LOGO!Learn TD
1 IR remote control (without batteries)
1 Programming software LOGO!Soft Comfort 8.1
1 LOGO! computer based training
34 tasks and solutions on CD
34 flashcards in transparent box
1 power supply AC 230V / DC 12V 500mA DC with ferrite core (filter)
1 cable LOGO! Ethernet cable
1 aluminium case lockable

Dimensions (LxWxHx): 450 x 330 x 164 mm
Weight: approx. 6 kg

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