PLC-Rack 1500 - without CPU IKHDS training system

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PLC rack 1500

The PLC-Rack 1500 training device is equipped with an elegant and compact aluminium housing with stable aluminium profile rails. On the front there is a playing field for learning cards with a size of 110 x 82 mm. By simply replacing the laminated flashcards and the associated teachware, 32 practical examples (32 flashcards) can be used. It is also possible to route input signals (24V DC) to the CPU via 4mm lab sockets or via push/push switches. With the built-in digital measuring device, it is possible to measure the analog input signals and an analog output signal in the range of +/- 10 V DC by appropriate switching. With two built-in power supplies (+/- 10V DC / 10mA), two voltages can be simulated via analog inputs (comparison of setpoints / actual values). Various models can be connected to the 37-pin D-Sub socket on the side (e.g. fischertechnik or ALU-LINE). Various interfaces are available on request.

Technical data:
- Power supply connection and fuse 24V DC / 1.0 A
- D-Sub socket 37-pin wired (parallel connection) with 14 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs

- 14 digital inputs are connected to toggle switches. 6 digital inputs are connected to 4mm laboratory sockets with status indication via LED (3 mm, green).
- 10 digital outputs. 6 digital outputs are connected to 4mm laboratory sockets with status indication via LED (3mm, red).
- Voltage module with 8x 4mm laboratory sockets (4x 0V, 4x 24V DC)
- Analog module with 2 adjustable voltage sources 0 ... 10V DC / 10mA and digital measuring device (0...10V DC)
- Digital measuring instrument can be switched to either an analog input or an analog output

Scope of delivery:
1 SPS-Rack 1500 without CPU (CPU on request)
1 plug-in power supply 24V / 750mA
32 flashcards in transparent storage box
1 Teachware on CD with 32 exercises and solutions (English / German)
1 Technical documentation

Additional information

Toggle switches (on-off-mom. on) for dig. signal input 8
Digital outputs with status LED 8
Possible digital inputs 16
Possible digital outputs 12
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Input/output sockets 4 mm yes
Interface connector for simulation models no
D-sub socket 37-pin (25-pin optional)
Variable power supplies 2 pc. (0 -10 V DC/10 mA)
Learning cards 32 pc., small (88 x 55 mm)
Attaching of Plug-On Modules no
IR receiver and remote control no
Frequency generator no


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