About Us

IKHDS stands for customer focus. Because our customers supply the most valuable ideas.

IKHDS stands for innovative teaching materials. - Which we develop ourselves preferably and keep us on the following premises:

  • Practice-oriented with high learning efficiency
  • Innovative, but cost-saving
  • Focused consistently on the needs of students and teachers
  • Robust, easy to handle and resistant to handling errors
  • Equipped with proven didactic teachware
  • Fully based on the principle "Unpacking and off you go!"

IKHDS represents a bidirectional, international partner system, from which we draw our growth.

IKHDS is a modern company that questions conventional ways of acting - whether in the organization, in the development or any other areas - and aims for the most effective solution by use of modern means.

IKHDS is an internationally oriented company, orientating its products for the international market. So a large part of the teachware is available in English and Spanish. Other languages (French, Polish, etc.) are in preparation.

IKHDS represents decades of training expertise in technical education. The IKH Education Center is an established training provider in the region Nuremberg (south of Germany) at the cities Weissenburg and Roth.

IKHDS stands for competence in automation technology. With Jürgen Kaftan one of the most successful German PLC training book authors is part of the team.


What are the goals of IKH Didactic Systems?

Satisfied customers worldwide.