Roulette / Motorsimulation

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Roulette / Motor Simulation

This module is used to simulate a motor with 6 LEDs in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and with low, medium or high speed using a shift register. It can be attached to the LOGO!Learn-Advanced as well as to the PLC-Trainer 1200 and IOT2000EDU and brought to function. The Plug-On module is also suitable as a Rouellette. Operation on the LOGO! is only possible with the additional extension module DM8.


Operating voltage: 24V DC
Dimensions (WxHxD): 85 x 89 x 15 mm

1 LED motor module


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400102 400102
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LOGO!Learn Advanced 8 - with LOGO! module 0BA8 LOGO!Learn Advanced 8 - with LOGO! module 0BA8
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701209-RM 701209-RM
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