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LOGO!Learn classic training box

The training system "LOGO!Learn classic" is built on a plastic housing. For signal input there are 8 push/latch switches and for analogue value output 2 potentiometers for voltage adjustment (e.g. actual/setpoint value) 0-10V integrated. The signal output is indicated by 4 LEDs (status). Learning cards can be placed on the "Learning cards" field and tested with the supplied 32 tasks with suggested solutions.

The 32 supplied tasks with solutions are structured according to the principle from "easy to difficult".

It is also possible to plug plug-in modules such as motors, traffic lights, cubes, etc., as well as models onto a 24-pin interface connector.

fischertechnik models such as conveyor belts, 3D robots etc. can be connected directly to the 26-pin interface.

Two external inputs can be connected to the LOGO!8 outputs at the spring-loaded terminals attached to the board (10A, up to a nominal cross-section of 1.5qmm). 

It is possible to extend the mounting rail for the assembly of further modules, e.g. LOGO!8.


Operating voltage: 24V DC / 750mA
2 Potentiometer for analog value input 0...10V DC 
8 Push-button/lock switch for digital signal input
4 LED for status display outputs 5mm red
2 spring-loaded terminals 0V / 24V DC
1 2mm LED Power indicator 3mm yellow
2 slide switches for analogue internal/external 
1 power supply socket for mains plug 24V DC /750mA max
1 interface connector 24-pin
1 interface plug 26-pin (fischertechnik)

12 digital inputs, of which 4 digital inputs can be used as analog inputs

8 digital outputs


1 x LOGO!Learn Classic with LOGO!8 and DM824 with DM8 Relay

1 x AC power supply AC230V / DC24V 750mA

1 x 32 flashcards in transparent box

1 x Reference book Tasks and solutions (D)

1 x DVD tasks and solutions in German, English and Spanish

1 xLOGO!learn Display with LOGO TD

1 x LOGO Soft Comfort 8xxx (the current version is always supplied)

1 x Ethernet cable 2 meters

1 x Plug-On module traffic light

1 x aluminium case (lockable)

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