LOGO!Learn Basic - without LOGO!-Modul

LOGO!Learn Basic - without LOGO!-Modul

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LOGO!Learn Basic - without LOGO!-Modul

The training device „LOGO!Learn Basic" is built on a stable aluminium angle. For signal input are integrated 8 toggle switches (on - off - momentary on) as well as two potentiometers for analog value setting 0...10V. The signal output is indicated by four LEDs (5 mm). It is possible to plug external simulators like Plug-On Modules (e.g. Motor, Traffic Lights, etc. - available as accessories) or simulation models (fischertechnik, ALU-LINE) on the 24-pin interface connector. The signal output is indicated by four LEDs (5 mm). By slide switches on the board, the digital inputs (I7 and I8) can be switched to analog inputs (0...10V). The included 32 exercises are based on the principle "From easy to demanding" and are printed on 32 learning cards. You can easily replace them on the board as required.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 170 x120 x100 mm
Weight: 0.58 kg
CE certificate

1 Training deviceLOGO!Learn Basic including controller LOGO! 12/24 RC (0BA6), optional without controller
1 Power supply AC 230V / DC 12V 300 mA
32 Learning cards (practical examples with solutions) on CD-ROM

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